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Tastelishes Rum Ball Bliss

No-Bake Rumballs

These delicious no-bake rum balls are easy to make and taste even better after they have aged for several days. The recipe does not call for corn syrup or wafers.

You will need: (Makes about 17 balls)

100 grams chocolate morsels, bitter or bitter-sweet
40 grams unsalted butter or unsalted margarine
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 tablespoons heavy cream
50 grams cocoa powder (to sift)
3 – 4 tablespoons white Rum (e.g. Bacardi) (for a kid-friendly version, use rum aroma/extract to taste)


25 – 50 grams ground almonds or hazelnuts, roasted (I used 25 grams to lightly coat all the rum balls with)
2 teaspoons white fine granulated sugar
chocolate streusel or sweetened coconut flakes as needed (you could also use colored sugar as a coating)

Melt the chocolate morsels in a double boiler. Stir to check if fully melted. Add the butter/margarine and let melt completely. Stir to mix. Set aside. Add each of the following ingredients and incorporate before adding the next one: cream, powdered sugar, cocoa (sift it in), and rum. Let cool to room temperature (takes approx. 30 minutes). Meantime, prepare the nuts. Roast the grinded almonds or hazelnuts in a nut roaster or a stainless steel pan. Add the sugar and mix. Stir often until they are lightly tanned in color. Set aside and let cool. Once the chocolate mixture has cooled off and is firm, form neat little balls. Lightly coat each rum ball with roasted nuts and roll them in chocolate sprinkles or coconut flakes until they are completely covered. If the rum balls have a hard time taking on the chocolate sprinkles, lightly squeeze them to press the sprinkles into the rum balls and reform them into neat balls. Place each rum ball in a mini paper cup, cover, and chill in the refrigerator until completely firm (takes about an hour). Let them come to room temperature before serving. These gorgeous little chocolate rum balls are truly irresistible!

Roasted Almonds with Logo

Rumball Mix with Logo

Rumball Firm Mixture with Logo

Rumball formed with Logo

Rumball Formed and Coated with Almonds and with Logo

Rumball Formed and Coated with Almonds and Sprinkles and with Logo

Rumball coated with coconut flakes and Logo

Rumballs in glass bowl and logo

Rumballs in glass bowl full view and logo

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