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14 Food & Wine Recipes By Tastelishes

February 2, 2013 Food news in Rockaway,New Jersey, United States of America

Experience great tasting, simple-to-make healthy dishes, cakes, cookies and so much more. Taste is king and healthy, natural ingredients let you live an energized, balanced life. Breaking news by C.C. Barmann/ in recipes,ebooks,cooking,baking,food,pictures,natural food,tips, Food.

Rockaway, New Jersey, United States of America ( February 2, 2013 — With the launch of a series of 14 inspiring themed eBooks, Tastelishes brings novelties to the world of homemade food and allows you to create outstanding food experiences. Each recipe is easy-to-follow and provides a clear guidance on how to cook with natural ingredients for an overall healthy delight.

Check this link to the Amazon Kindle store:

Perfectly harmonized ingredients, finer texture, ultimate flavor, and a lighter consistency ensure a step further towards living a healthy, energized, positive life-style. Tastelishes delivers unique and inspiring time-tested recipes for you to create tasty, elegant dishes with natural foods.

Find all you need to prepare flavorful and rich dishes at your local grocery store. All recipes are photo-illustrated with detailed instructions, providing a high level of transparency that instills inspiration, pleasure, and satisfaction. No special equipment is needed in any of the recipes and basic kitchen items can be used throughout. Impressive cooking and baking doesn’t have to be complicated. Achieving great flavor and texture is easy with Tastelishes top-quality recipes.

To discover the delights of Tastelishes, visit this link at to subscribe to the Newsletter and FREE recipes. A few of Tastelishes show-stopping recipes are:

• An impressive, no-layer, figure-friendly authentic German Black Forest cake.
• An exceptional sweet & sour cream yeast cake.
• Unique regional desserts made with durum wheat semolina.
• Old-world-style sunken apple cake with a light and tender crumb.
• Quick & easy open-faced fluted yellow and chocolate bisquet cake.
• Famous Viennese vanilla crescent cookies for festive baking.
• Old-world-style yeast dumplings with semi-sweet wine foam.
• Delicate tart flambé d’Alsace.
• Genuine rustic Swabian Spaetzle.
• Irresistible sweet-tart red cabbage.
• Aromatic crusty bread with easy-to-make homemade sourdough that keeps bread fresh for days.

Tastelishes outstanding recipes enlighten and satisfy any connoisseur’s taste buds and provide eye catchers for any event.

Check their website at for high-quality recipes, kitchen basics, invaluable cooking & baking tips and much more.


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